Business Service Club

The Big Buying Group For Small Business Owners

Our Strength Is In Our Numbers

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BSC Explained

Business Service Club
Is All About Making Owners of Small Businesses More Profitable and More C
ompetitive in Their Own Markets
What Is Business Service Club?

Business Service Club offers a way for Small Business to SAVE MONEY on Products and Services you may already be using or should be!

Products, Services and Technologies that you can TRUST and KNOW you are getting the best available at the BEST PRICE."

We focus on REDUCING YOUR OVERHEAD to help you compete in this challenging environment.

We have leveraged Our Membership's Buying Power with the "Strength in numbers" concept.

We Want To Save You Money!
• Save 1,000s On Merchant Services Fees
• Save Up To 40% On Payroll
• Save Up To 20% On Your Utilities
• Save 50% On Websites And Native App Development
• Save Up To 25% On Training Programs AND MUCH MORE!
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Access To Industry Experts!
Your membership can help you grow your business with access to industry experts offering advice, tools and trends of how to grow your business.

No Annoying Salespeople!
At your convenience and only by your request, a Member Services Representative will contact you to offer answers to your questions.

Schedule a Free Consultation or even set up any product demonstrations for your business.

No more haggling
No more bait and switch
No more over paying

No Minimum Purchase!

It is not necessary to make multiple purchases to maintain your free membership to the Club.

How We Help

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Business Service Club Members can save a lot of time and money with the right Operational Tools and processes in place.  We have all the tools with Club Member Discounts
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Business Service Club Members can take advantage of our Buying Power and save on products that they may already be buying
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Whether you need better pricing on your Marketing tools like Text Marketing, Email Marketing, WIFI Marketing or a  a Custom App or Website, we have access to the best available but with our Club Member Pricing 
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Business Service Clyb will connect our Members to the Experts in their Industry for FREE Consultations on subjects like Incorporating your Business, Funding Options for Your Business, Buying or Selling a Business or even Franchising your Business

What Our Members are Saying


"I took advantage of the fantastic Payroll Service Deal they had first.  Once I saw all of the other Services they had deals on, it was a no brainer.  They saved me a bunch on Merchant Services and now I'm getting a new website through them"

David H.


"They designed my LOGO, My Menus, Business Cards and Table Tents over a year ago.  I shopped around before re-ordering them an no-one was close.  I recently had them redesign my website and it came out GREAT!"

Kimberly T.


"I just opened a new Restaurant in the middle of this Pandemic.  Luckily, I knew about Business Service Club.  They got me set up with a POS System with great CC Fees that save me enough money per month, that I can have them help me with a WIFI Marketing and Loyalty Program.  I also get rebates on my food and beverage purchases."

Joe A.


Q   What's in it for me if I join the club?

A     We have leveraged our large membership into a Buying Group so that we can negotiate better pricing on products and services we all use to run our businesses.
       We carefully vetted all of the companies that we have deals with keeping in mind that price is not the only thing to consider. We also looked carefully at their customer service and ease of use.
 They offer our members better pricing on their products and services than they would offer those same Business Owners individually.

Q   Why is it Free?

A   Most Buying Groups charge an initiation fee or annual or monthly membership fees.
      We feel that it defeats the purpose of leveraging our buying power to help the Small Business Owner save as much money as possible if we were to charge a membership fee.

Q   Why do we encourage Members to join?

 Simply put, the more members we have participating, the stronger the group becomes and our ability to negotiate the lowest prices available keeps improving.

Q   Besides lower pricing on Products and Services, what other advantages do we have as members?

A   Our Network of Professionals contribute helpful information about how to address different issues and challenges in our industries. This unbiased information is provided for free

     There are also Consultants in the group that offer free consultations to our members to help guide them in areas they need help with.

Q   Are there any obligations to purchase products by joining the group?

A   No, there is no minimum purchase necessary to be a member of the Club and no purchases necessary to maintain membership

Q   Is my information safe?

A   Yes. Your information is kept in our system safely and we will never sell your information to anyone.

Q   Can I withdraw my membership at any time?

A   Of course!


If you would like more information on our FREE MEMBERSHIP or some more details on the Products and Services We have Discounts on.